Pumpkin Cheesecake

Yes, mostly organic ingredients :) I think the thing NOT organic was the alcohol I added and the spices. I need to work on getting organic spices :) (and ironically, I felt bad about buying Annie's because I know that company sold out to a large crappy company recently)

So I decided that since I have the house to myself to attempt to make cheesecake, from scratch.

First off, I should have probably used a better grade mixer than my poor little hand held one. I tried to not over tax it. Secondly, I need a bigger mixing bowl! The batter was to the edge basically (I think I will ask the boyfriend to use his freaky large mixing bowl - if I make this again) oh and I should really have a roasting pan, because you're supposed to give it a water bath while it's cooking (if, like me, you are confused by this terminology, it means to have it cooking in another pan than holds it and water - which is how I actually make my bread pudding). So, yes I am adding things to my Amazon Wish list. Again.

Anyways, I have it on a cooking sheet, with the hot water in that. Ahem. Will see if this actually works or not...

I did modify the recipe, following what someone else did and still tweaking it a bit.

Learning lesson: Graham cracker crumbs?? Hmmm. Maybe crushing them in a bag would have been smart. Not attempting it by hand.

Lesson #2: Soften cream cheese does not get light or smooth so much as softer and stuck to the mixer.

Lesson C: Make sure you have your spices grounded already so you don't feel so rushed to get the clove into the damn batter.

Also, I have quite a bit left over batter, so I will see if I use them in some form of muffin/waffle thing this weekend. I hope.

Random Also: Here is my basil (grown from seed!) Working on another now :) I plan on taking this one to the boyfriends!

And yes, I am doing laundry, drinking wine and the only thing I've read tonight has been the recipe. And dinner? Ha, I forgot about it until the cheesecake was in the oven and laundry started. It was a bagel, and a cheese sandwich. Bad I know, but whatever. My period is almost over so there.

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