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I haven't been posting a lot. Between work last week, my birthday and sister visiting, it was just too hectic!! Which is good :)

I can say that I do miss my sister. It was so awesome having her here! I really wish I could see her (and my niece and dad of course) more often, as in we lived closer to each other. I know that's not going to happen any time soon, because I don't think they will move to this general area and I know I don't want to live in CA.

Also: Coffee. Sheetz has the best caffeine kick (at least for me). I've had 2 3 cups of coffee from work and I am still sleeping as I type. Whereas, Sheetz gets me wide awake. Hmmm....

So I've started downloading my emails back into outlook, it's been forever since I've done that. Then sorting/deleting (which I need to do more of) and figuring out what I need to keep and what I should let go. I have some really freaking OLD emails. I see that I am a pack rat that way. I think it's time for those emails to go on the way side of things.

Drama last night: The Kid realized we had not seen Tiamet all day. This equaled an immediate freak out at 9 pm, a search of the house, a shake of the treat bags to coax any possible cat from a hiding/sleeping spot. No Tiamet. The Kid called his dad, after I attempted to reassure him that I would call the Humane Society and our vet in the morning to let them know she was missing...My very very good/awesome/amazing friend/bf was over and I guess checked my back yard to see where it was possible she could have gotten out at. Well, he found there was only 1 real spot by my side gate and he checked around front and saw her sitting on the porch!! He came in and told us, so I grabbed the bag of treats and went out front. She had gotten scared and darted under the neighbors porch. But my calling and the bag of treats shaking convinced her to come back inside. I fed her a hand full of them, then promptly gave her a bath. Because, yeah, no idea where she had gone. I don't think she has fleas, didn't see any on her. So, after a bath (btw, she was originally freaked out, but calmed down as it went on...and she really likes to be dried off!), she had food, water and lots of love. The Kid called his Dad and let him know and then went to bed. Diego is not at all happy with her smell and is growling/hissing at her and anything/one that walks by him. Good times...

I have also found out who the culprit is that has been pissing on my bath mat/towel/anything on the floor in front of the tub. Puck. He did it right in front of me. I am wondering if his caterwauling at night is because he CAN'T get into the bathroom to do his evil pissing. Now, I know that once a cat finds a spot, that is not always the easiest to get them to stop. So I will be bleaching that spot and then taking both him and Tiamet to the vet, since she had her little escape episode last night. Oh the joys!!

 The Kid has after school band practice this week and next week. Which means I will need to work some extra hours in order to leave early for those days. His first football game is coming up soon too, oh and 2 parades! Yikes! Busy kid this month!!

Also: I would like one of those Elusive Naps please. See, they even now get their own Capital Letters!!

It was awesome seeing my sister :) I know I already wrote that I miss her, but you know, sometimes just SEEING someone face-to-face, makes such a world of difference!!

I have my cruise coming up in just over a month. OMG, I have no real idea of what I'm wearing either. I need to go shopping...

And now working on cup of coffee # 4...

Back to shopping, I need some shorts. And maybe 1-3 tops for traipsing across foreign lands. And possibly some shoes for this as well. As for the more dressy gowns, I have a couple of those. One I need to try on and see if it still fits well though. It's one of those body hugger ones and shows off my back. Oh I wonder if I can get some pics and will post them :)

As I wrote before, I splatted my phone. I was originally expecting my new phone to come in by Thursday but Amazon notified me that it will be Tuesday. Hurray! See, at the AT&T store, the phone I liked was $99.99 plus all the associated fees. On Amazon, it was $19.99 (plus all the associated fees) - so yes, I will save $80 thank you very much. I will run another back up on my phone Tuesday, and download all the pictures off of it. Then start that fun fun fun process of getting my new phone up to warp speed. This sucker has a 13 mp camera! WOOT. It's bigger than my current phone, but really light. I am hoping my new(praying) indestructible case I bought to put on it doesn't add too much weight.

I think one of the reasons I have the dropsies right now (oh did I mention I dropped my coffee this morning? Not all of it, but hello!) is because I haven't been reading as much. Today, at lunch, I will - I WILL - read. Oh snap, that might be kinda hard WITHOUT A BOOK TO READ!! So, ummm, yeah scratch today off that option!! Ok, so tomorrow night. Tonight, I have to organize some shit from my dining room table and office desk at home. Because, yeah, that shit is a little bit (read: WAY) disheveled.

Ok, time to actually eat something (left overs from dinner the other night) and maybe read the news.

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