Freaky Friday - But then reality sets in

I left my make up at home by accident, so today is sans make up. Hmmm. Puffy eyes without the ability to put eye shadow on doesn't exactly make me happy.
Took Tiamet and Puck to the vet last night. The vet was really surprised that 1: The cats stayed on the table and 2: that the cats stayed on the table together.
Pics :
When Tiamet was getting her examination done, the vet was 3. Surprised that a healthy cat would just lay there and basically say, Pet Me Now, as she was checked out. It was all quite amusing. Puck was good on his as well, but nothing compared to Tiamet's antics.
It seems like Puck probably does not have a UTI. He just might be a nut job and/or mad at me/the world.
He started yowling last night at like 11 pm. I wanted to kill him. Instead, about an hour later, I went downstairs a 2nd time, found him, petted him and carried him upstairs. He didn't hang out my bedroom, but he did stop crying like the world was ending. I found him in the Kids bed this morning and made sure to give him some extra attention. I am going to see if this helps, taking him upstairs and extra petting.
The vet did say that thyroid kitties tend to be more vocal. Just fucking great. No wonder Tiamet is a talker now! Both are healthy weights though, in good overall condition.
Too bad I spend $300 for that diagnosis. I am not really upset over the money. Though I won't get the results from their blood work back until today. Tiamet I only got the Thyroid one, not the full panel, because honestly she's pretty good. Puck I got everything done. And as these cats get older, I think I will do the full blood work every couple of years. They're 12 now, and they are pretty damn healthy overall and active, so I probably have them for at least several more years. That is...if the yowling stops...
My biggest issues is their meowing and yowling at night. It's getting on my last nerve. Seriously, LAST FUCKING NERVE. That might be the end of them. Oppsie, did you fall down the stairs? Ok ok I am not really capable of something like that! I'm just saying, damn, shut the fuck up a lot to the cats!!
What else? Hmmm, hot date tonight. Home Depot is calling out to me. Painting tomorrow. Not too much else. Grocery shopping Sunday night maybe. Oh the excitement of my weekend!! I did laundry last night but forgot it in the dryer, so I pulled it out and folded half of it this morning. I have another load to do, some floor mopping that needs doing, and possibly nothing else that I can think of at the moment.
Ok, I am going to go get some stuff done now. Hopefully!

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