Caffeine, where art thou?

I am waiting for the caffeine from my lovely Sheetz Coffee to kick in.

Because, yeah, I'm not quite awake yet!

BUT! I did get my swanky new phone in last night :) Got it set up, downloaded some of my favorite apps, ring tones, etc. It auto imported a ton of contacts from gmail, so I had to clean that up. I've already used to make calls and send texts :) Still getting used to this monstrosity, it feels so much bigger than my last phone. Part of that might be the rugged case I got to go with it. Ahem. My dropsies can have that kind of impact it seems!

I am still set up email on it, as well as getting all the user ID's and passwords associated to it. Fun times!!

Edit: It's been a couple hours...Caffeine has hit and left the system.

I am so happy it's Wednesday! Half the week gone, just a couple more days until the weekend. I am going to get some minor grocery shopping done tonight and hopefully pick up some more paint as well. I am getting the Kid's room done, hell or high water (wait, where DOES that phrase come from again????) this weekend. And if I am successful in getting his done, I will start the prep work for the office. I think I might need another drop cloth, just to be on the safe side. I am going to start putting everything off the walls and to the center of the room on Friday and use my painters tape for all those areas to NOT be painted :) I would start on that tomorrow night, as the Kid is with his Dad...but I am taking the 2 cats to the Vet and am sure that will be more consuming than I would like. Of course, depending on how that goes, I might go home and start moving shit around.

I did 1 load of laundry last night, probably will do another one today. And sweep. Lots and lots of sweeping. I might even pretend to look at my filing and use invisible ink to label folders.

I need more coffee...

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