Tuesday's Thoughts - Minus the Thought Process

It's Tuesday right? Because, I could have SWORN today felt like Wednesday (HUMP DAY! and yes that camel commercial is now stuck in my wee little head)

You know what else??? I haven't smoked in just over 3 weeks. I know I commented on this to my sister and friends when talking, but I don't think I've really blogged about it much. My son is too funny. I mentioned it to him the other night, to see if he had noticed anything different with me. He said he didn't want to say anything (yes, he did notice and is happy I am not smoking or going outside so much), in case he jinxes it, because - you know - talking about it just might make me want it. I have no idea what this whole thing is...but I don't want them, don't crave them. There have been a few moments where the habit of just going outside for a break (home or work) is there, but not that urge to buy or smoke cigarettes. I don't think I've ever quit this way before. When I've quit in the past, either I was pregnant (and yeah, there is NO WAY I could smoke and do that to my unborn babe) or I used something like the patch. Because I think I tried quitting through sheer will power once or twice and that didn't work. Something stressful would happen and I would be right back at it. I don't even have any cigarettes anymore. I know I had thought about keeping 1 pack, for a "just in case" moment. Yes, well. Fuck that. So far, so good. It is weird in a lot of ways. Just because of that 'normal' habit of doing some things. I attempted to read today at lunch but kept getting distracted it. Hmmm, I am going to have to somehow work on that.

I didn't get a lot done yesterday at home. I was sorta in a bleh mood. I did sort through a slew of papers and at least put them in a pile to eventually file. I spent some time online too, with the Kid - since I got him set up on Gaia and it's sorta his new addiction (that's aside from anytime he spends on Mine Craft). Today though, I have a ton of things to get done. Laundry (shock), sweeping (double shock on that one) and HOPEFULLY getting my new phone set up - YAY. I decided it would probably be a good idea to see if I can get my screen repaired, so I ordered a kit online today. What I will do, if that is successful, is move my kid to my old phone. Which should make him brilliantly happy. Hopefully that won't be an issue...just a sim card move I think for his. I know that I can move my contacts over to my new phone - but you know what? This might be a good time to get rid some of my old contacts and not drag them over into the new things I have going on. Of course, I will write them down (Yes, I do have an old school phone book) and leave it at that. Sometimes it's really nice and a good thing to start fresh :^D

I've been shopping online (oh snap) and trying to figure out just what the fuck I will be taking with me on this cruise coming up. I think I need to plan out every day's outfits and add 2 and just hope things sorta work out that way. Oh I did buy a couple new sports bras - exciting I know. But it's actually kinda cool that I've lost enough weight that my current sports bras just don't do what they're supposed to do :)

Speaking of weight, I have been at 211 for the last month. Yeah, it's fluctuated a little bit (period hormones and all that) but it's been pretty stable. So. This means I need to really get my ass in gear and try to get the next segment of weight off. I think 11 lbs isn't that much! I should be able to do this with all the painting and yard work and whatnot, right? Right?? Damn it, RIGHT ???? Let's hope so, because, yeah I don't do gyms. Hmmm...and after this 11 lbs is gone? Then I am going to start back on my NY Ballet DVD and maybe some Tai Chi :)

Thursday I will be taking Puck and Tiamet to the Vet. Joys. Hopefully we will see if Puck has a UTI or something or if he's just pissing in the bathroom because he's a nut job. And they will both get their blood work done. With them being 12 years old, I don't mind getting that done more often as they get older...though I hate to say it, if either of them end up diabetic, I will probably have to put them down. I barely have the time or energy to handle 4 able bodied cats now, so if one of them ends up with something that is going to really require more of my time, that won't be good. Not to mention, and really perhaps the main point of their existence at that moment, is how happy will they be with having to get shots and everything that goes along with that?? Puck, I know does NOT take pills well at all. Tiamet is good with it, but Puck will basically dry heave or puke it back at you. Him taking medicine is not easy...and I don't want them in pain (arthritis or anything) because *I* know what that is like and I can take advil or something, they can't. And yes, animals do have a higher threshold for pain than us mortals...I just don't want them unhappy and miserable for MY sake.

I don't want to think about this anymore.

(though I will admit I won't miss the loud meowing at 2 am or caterwauling that they do - shhhh I didn't REALLY just say that...I didn't)

And back to work. Because that is a good distraction.

Also: I started using this organic deodorant (mind you, this is NOT an antiperspirant) and it's this oil/alcohol blend and it's different and so far I don't stink. So...that's good, right? As for sweating, well, damn I work with about 30 guys who I don't care if they see me sweat. So. I might keep an extra shirt though at work, in case I ever soak one to the point it's just gross to be in the same room with me. Not that I see that happening this fall/winter. Spring or summer, maybe...

And now I really am going back to work...

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