A Thursday Quick Note Thingy

It's a tad bit chilly this morning. I love the seasons changing! I always have :) There is something, so fresh, about each season. Almost like a reset button. Well, ok it really IS a reset button - but you know what I mean!

Also: How the fuck did September pass so damn fast? I mean, seriously?? It's the 26th already!! It felt like the 2nd yesterday! Yikes!!

I finished one scarf last night. Not sure if I like it. I made a couple silly mistakes, not the end of the world. But I almost, ALMOST, want to go back and re-do it. Will see if the person I made it for likes it. If not, I will re-do it. See, I much rather re-make/do something so that the person I am giving it to REALLY likes it. Not just a little bit and that it's ok. Nope. If I can make an change (easy or not, it's not really a stressful thing for me), then I much rather do that and have the person like it that much more. Yes, sometimes it's the thought and effort that count. But you know what? If I want to wear something not ONLY because someone I know made it for me, but also because it's pretty/beautiful/awesome/fill in your adjective here, then that is a WIN. Besides, crocheting a scarf is easy.

I have another one that I had started last year that I will be finishing next. It's this pretty beige and oatmeal colors one that I love. And with me having short hair now, scarves will certainly be my friends this winter!! I will probably make a couple more simple ones after that. I have a strong feeling I will have a pretty decent wardrobe of scarves!! Hmmm, I guess I should probably give some to family and donate some too. I like that idea!!

Work will be picking back up soon, it's had a nice little lull recently. I am ready for the real stuff to start though.

My ankle/foot - well. It's still getting better. I am going to try to stay off it more tonight. Work, I can't really help. I still have the wrap on it, but no air splint. If I could have kept that on longer, I would have. It really does help keep your ankle straight and from rolling or causing more harm. I do walk pretty carefully though. I am going to end up wearing my wrap when I go to the Renaissance Festival on Saturday though. I just want that extra support with all the walking we'll be doing. I can't wait for Saturday, it's going to be a lot of fun :)

My jeans are still loose, which is nice. I haven't changed weight at all for the last week or so. I think I need to mix up my routine or something and get it jump started again. Plus, I know I will be eating more when my sister comes to visit (can't wait!!!). I am planning on making lasagna for my birthday dinner :) And Dump Cake. And maybe some fresh bread! Talk about carb overload! But it's my bday, so why not!!! I haven't been drinking as much water as I should either. Bad Me! Well, working on it now.

Ok, time to get my ass in gear!!

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