What an AWESOME weekend!

Friday night, well, was eh.

Saturday though! OMG, one of my good friends came to hang out :) So, of course I wasn't exactly the best of staying of my tootsie, but blah! I haven't see her in FOREVER it seems. I think she was a tad bit shocked by my hair and weight loss. But in good ways at least!!

So, I had her try on some of my old clothes that I can't wear anymore and she was able to take a good portion of them, which is awesome :) We then decided that starving was not a good idea, so headed to one of my favorite local Chinese restaurant :) It was drizzling out, so hot soup and tea were perfect :) We had a lot to catch up, and I will totally admit I would not shut up! I feel bad! I just kept babbling, but I guess that's normal when you haven't seen a friend in a while!!
Then I had to run to the Pennsylvania Dutch and pick up some small supplies (raisins for one). She had never been in there, so hey, new experiences are always good...well almost always good! I have had a few in the past that I totally could have skipped over. Totally.

We were originally going to go to the Wine Festival, but since I had hurt my foot, that was out. What we did do, was buy some wine and hung out some more though! It was very awesome :) I got 2 new wines and 1 had had before.

One is called "Bitch"
Fruit forward, Intense, Medium Bodied
Aragon, Spain- Dark cherry and raspberry aromas are underpinned with spicy, peppery notes with hints of anise. Displays extraordinary natural acid balance, even at elevated ripeness levels. Conveys vibrant, juicy fruit with a very soft, sweet-fruited palate structure.

The 2nd one was from Red Heifer (Loved the name!)
The one I got was:

Sweet Heifer750mL | 12% alcohol | $14

Delightfully sweet with a pleasant grape finish, our Sweet Heifer will remind you of the simple life at the farm.
Can't wait to try it :) Of course, I will need someone to try it with me :) Because it's never as fun trying new stuff unless you have a friend or loved one with you :)

We ended up drinking the one bottle I had already here and another from Linganore that I knew was good! Sweet red wines are awesome :)

Saturday night, went to the Tilted Kilt and had dinner. It was raining and wasn't too busy :) Had some good food and headed home to put my foot up and relax. I was not cleaning or doing anything that would annoy said foot. Well, at least not too much! I must say that it's nice I can actually put weight on it and not be in instant pain. Though honestly, taking the stairs as slow as I do is getting on my nerves!

Sunday :) I made a yummy if simple breakfast. Bacon, fried eggs, coffee. Cleaned up around the house (dishes, so far 1 load of laundry, dishwasher, swept the stairs and downstairs) and then made some Cinnamon Raisin Bread. It looks and smells seriously good. It's in the oven right now. Once it's out and cooled off, I will be making my Bread Pudding for tonight's get together. I have never met these people before, but from what I can gather it seems like a nice group :) I haven't done anything like this in such a long time either! I am not nervous per se, but I am curious :) Plus, my foot is still healing so I want to make sure I take it easy. Especially since I didn't quite do that yesterday!

Also: I gave Diego a mini bath. Which means I cleaned up his rear-end and that's it. I am too tired to do a whole bath.

Right now, I would love to take a nap and then a shower. Or a shower then a nap. Ugh, kinda hard to nap when I am waiting on bread and then have to make something more. Blah. Oh and I should probably map the place and have a clue of where I am going and how long it will take. I seriously doubt it will take too long.

Hmmm, it was a really good weekend :) Gotta love that :D Yay - Happiness is loving life :^D

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