Freaky Friday!

I am soooo excited! Tomorrow! Renaissance Festival! Yay!!! I plan on having a lot of fun this year :)

My ankle is doing ok. Just ok though. Should be interesting all the walking I will be doing tomorrow. I will be bringing my wrap with me, just in case it needs it.

Today, is just a beautiful day :)

It's actually kinda chilly out today too! I think the high is supposed to be 72 degrees, which is perfect.

An Inner Bitch Quote:
An Inner Bitch Reminder:
If you settle for less, that's exactly what you'll get. Is that what you want? I don't think so.

 I have no idea how busy today is going to be. I just know I'm sorta tired (got to bed late) and I am chugging my coffee like it's my life blood. Ok, what I really mean is that my subsisting on coffee period at the moment! LOL. It's my bestest friend. Well, that's Jackie, but right now she's in Florida and she doesn't exactly give me a caffeine fix!

I guess I should start thinking of what the hell I will be wearing on my vacation too. I should make a list of what's required and see what I can that might past muster. The awesome thing about losing weight is some of my old but still hot/cute clothes now fit again :) Oh and me wearing a size 12 jeans?? HOTNESS. My 14s are pretty comfy/loose now. I could wear 12s without a problem. I have a couple times and damn, I got some good reactions. But I am not sure if need every guy staring at my ass at work. Yeah, that's probably not what I need! What I need, is to clean my house though. Because dust bunnies seem to multiple on an hourly basis!! I blame the cats.

Damn it, I just had a thought and as I was about to write it, it ran away. Hate it when that happens...

 Anyway! It looks to be a busy weekend and next week as well :)

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