Humpity Hump Hump

I always think of Digital Underground when I hear Hump Day


I am wearing shoes today, with my ankle still wrapped but no air splint. Hmmm. My ankle is thinking I'm a bit of a bitch due to this. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do, whether you like it or not.

Sunday morning, I am getting my hair cut :) It's starting to grow out more and I really am loving this short style, so I think I am going to keep it until next summer and then decide if I want to grow it out or not. Which means I will need to make some more scarves. And maybe ones not as wide as I made the last couple of years. Especially if I'm not going to be smoking in 15 degree weather!!! So, I am hoping to really get through several of my yarn projects this winter :D

I really want to paint the kids room, this month though seems to be seriously busy!! Renaissance Festival (YESSSSS), my sister visiting (BEYOND AWESOME) so I was just looking at my friendly little Google Calendar (am loving that btw) and 10/19  - 10/20 looks to be the weekend for painting :) I will see if me and the Kid can at least organize the attic a little bit more (he's made a complete mess of it searching for things) so that I can put up there everything else he doesn't "need" right this moment. And then I might need to get a couple more paint brushes and 1 more gallon of white paint (for my office) and I'm basically all set. I think the biggest pain in the ass will be moving his furniture so that I can get to his walls!! The Kid will be with his Dad that weekend, so I will be playing some high energy music and get it done! I do know the office will probably take longer just because it's being sprayed on and not just painted.

Anyways, time to get my ass in gear :)

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