Monday's Moorings

No crutches today. I am still wearing my ankle wrapped and with the air splint, and still not putting a lot of weight on it (in other words, staying off my feet) but when I do walk, I am just hobbling along!

Last night I got to meet some local pagans for a Pot Luck and Mabon celebration. It was nice. It's been SOOOOO long since I have done anything with any type of group. It's not a coven or anything formal. Which, honestly, was probably one of the best things. Because as with most situations when you have more than 2 people in a room, there is drama. At least with this particular group, I didn't get that vibe at all. Well, at least not from the first meeting. And it's just nice to talk to people! LOL, you know what I mean though? People who aren't coworkers and also that at least have SOME idea of similar thoughts. And the food was good too :) I made my bread pudding and it went over really well, which always makes me feel good! I love feeding people. It's not a huge group either, which is nice because I don't remember their names. Bad Me!

This means I got home at about 10 pm. Next time, I can bring my Kid and he can play video games and hang out with their kid(s), which will make things better. I've also offered up the use my backyard, because it would be nice to have some things done outside. Of course, with Winter coming, I doubt it will be a lot (and yes, I do want a fire pit at some point, just need to figure out where!) and I also need to get rid of that poison oak.

Also: I noticed something rather interesting Sunday afternoon. I tried to smoke a cigarette - and it was nasty. I didn't want it. I don't normally have that reaction. Soooo weird. Good, but weird! Not sure if it's just because I'm happier now days or changes in my weight or what. Whatever it is, it's a good thing!! Today, hmmm, I will see if I get the same reaction while at work. If so, well I guess that means my body is telling me to quit smoking for good (hopefully!!).

Edit: Ok, so I just smoked, and it was still gross. I think that I am going to wind down on my smoking, and just quit :) Wow. Who knew!! I will keep 1 pack in reserve for those moments that I want to punch someone's face in - you know - just in case! But at least with these cigarettes (Native American Organic ones) I don't have nic fits or cravings. Which will help in the long run. I think the hardest part will be reading while NOT smoking. I've always done those together (yes, even when it's 20 degrees outside) so that will be an interesting adjustment. Oh and another thought, to make sure I don't just substitute food for smoking as well. I don't want to gain weight from quitting! Maybe will see about more bag time....hmmm...will see what happens :)

I have tons of laundry to do when I get home. I have a dentist appointment early tomorrow morning, which means I can sleep in (yay!!). I am hoping to get some stuff down in the office this week. My main goal is to get my filing done!! And to get the rest of the crap at least sorted and hopefully stored. I also want to make a couple scarves and start on finishing this one baby blanket I've had for way too long. And of course, hopefully give it to someone :) Or maybe sell it. I have several things of yarn I would like to use up :D At least my winter will be productive if I can get that done!

Ok, time to pretend to be productive. Or maybe actually productive.

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