Book Review: My Ruthless Prince by Gaelen Foley

My Ruthless Prince (Inferno Club, #4)My Ruthless Prince by Gaelen Foley
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I did like this book, though I must say this novel frustrated me.

I wasn't as happy with Emily, the lead female character, because she was so - well she was basically a door mat - for a lot of this. Yes, she would do anything and everything for Drake, and I get that she was completely devoted to him. I just wished that she was a stronger person for herself as well.

Drake wasn't whole and so I can see where he would have a hard time dealing with any emotions, but it was almost a little much. Drake was playing a deep game in this novel, some of which it seemed like he wasn't even sure himself which way things would go. I actually liked that part of it.

It was well written, you certainly don't get bored with this novel (or even this series) but this book felt like it was held back a notch. I wanted something more from the couple, a deeper spark that really ignited things.

I think my favorite part was the end, where everything *luckily* worked out. I liked that you weren't sure and it was a little bit touch and go. And there will be consequences for many of the characters.

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